Heavy Duty Cargo Services I-10, I-75 & Central FL

Heavy Duty Cargo Load Shift

Certified Service Center offers complete heavy-duty cargo services or heavy roadside services throughout our North Central FL service area including I-10 from Tallahassee to Lake City FL and I-75 service area. With a fleet of cargo handling equipment, we are prepared for any heavy-duty cargo handling, recovery, and storage situation. Our fleet includes flatbed trailers, several forklifts, and miscellaneous equipment ready to resolve your cargo situation. We can provide complete load shifts and load transfers in box and open trailers and offer 24hr services throughout Greater Madison County, I-10, I-75, US 19, US 41, US 90, US 129, US 221 & US 441. Call (850) 973-4999 now to speak to a member of our Heavy Cargo Team.

Load Shifts, Cargo & Roadside Services

Load Transfer

The Certified Service Center team provides 24hr services including load shifts and load transfers throughout North Central Florida, all points on area roads and highways. Our experienced and trained staff can provide weights shifts, cargo offloads, temporary cargo storage, and much more for our clients. We provide 24hr cargo services for all types of cargo and material and provide the necessary roadside services, including lockouts and fuel delivery.

With a team of trained and experienced professionals, we can solve your issue and get your truck back on the road ASAP. Cargo Service and Roadside Service includes:

  • Load Shifts
  • Load Transfers
  • Load Swaps
  • Load Completion
  • Cargo Storage
  • Trailer Storage
  • Truck Bunking
  • Trailer Bunking
  • Material Handling
  • Forklift Service
  • Pallet Jack Service
  • Dock Capabilities
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Lockouts
  • Battery Replacement
  • DOT Repairs

I-10 Florida Trucking Hub Service

Certified Service Center provides complete heavy truck towing, heavy truck repair, heavy recovery and heavy truck service to all area trucking hubs, DOT scales, distribution centers and truck stops including:

  • Jimmie’s Truck Stop: 6375 FL-53, Madison, FL 32340– I-10 Mile Marker 258
  • Love’s Travel Stop: 3204 Co Rd 255, Lee, FL 32059 – I-10 Mile Marker 262
  • Jimmie’s Auto & Travel Plaza: 3204 Co Rd 255, Lee, FL 32059 - I-10 Mile Marker 262
  • I-10 WB Rest Area: Rest Area, Lee, FL 32059 – I-10 Miler Marker 265
  • Madison County Rest Area EB: Rest Area, Lee, FL 32059 – I-10 Miler Marker 265
  • Agricultural Inspection Station: I-10, Live Oak, FL 32060 – I-10 Miler Marker 270
  • Busy Bee Truck Stop: Live Oak, FL 32060 – I-10 Mile Marker 283

Heavy Truck Accident Cargo Cleanup

Truck Accident Clean Up

With a fleet of trucks, tractors, flatbeds, roll offs and trailers, Certified Service Center provides expert cargo cleanup services to all points within our service area. We have experienced operators prepared to resolve your truck accident cleanup requirements and minimize your liability and downtime. Contact our dispatch center now for immediate service.

Scale Services

Certified Service Center provides 24hr scale services including load shifts and load transfers and resolution to all DOT issues. Our team can provide immediate response service to area truck scales including:

  • I-10 Madison FL at Mile Marker 263 (Ellaville Scale)
  • I-75 Live Oak FL Scale at Mile Marker 448 (White Springs Scale)
  • I-75 Valdosta GA Scale at Mile Marker 23

Certified Service Center also provides 24hr service including trailer repair service and replacement to the Georgia Pacific Paper Factory in Perry FL and the Nestle Water Facility in Madison FL and all transportation and intermodal facilities in Valdosta GA.

Certified Service Center offers cargo handling, cargo loading and unloading. We have light and heavy duty folk lifts, extended reach equipment to load and unload all cargo. We also offer secure indoor and outdoor storage facilities. With privacy fencing, security cameras and 24hr monitoring your cargo will be secure overnight or long term. Contact our dispatch center to learn more about our docking and storage services.

I-10 North Florida Heavy Truck Roadside Service Area

Certified Service Center offers expert, reliable 24hr truck repair, mobile truck repair and mobile semi-truck tire services throughout Northern Florida and South Georgia. Our fleet of commercial truck repair service vehicles routine responds to emergency truck repair requests, mobile truck tire service calls and mobile truck and trailer repair calls throughout the service area. Our service area includes Madison FL, Live Oak FL, Madison FL, Perry FL, Monticello FL, Jasper FL, Jennings FL, Mayo FL, Greenville FL, Quitman GA, Valdosta GA and Lake Park GA.

Contact our immediate dispatch service now at (850) 973-4999 or use the “Order Service Now” button to get the Certified Service Center team working for you.