Private Property Towing

private property towing service

Certified Service Center provides complete private property towing and impound towing services for businesses and residential complexes throughout the greater Madison County & Taylor County FL area. We are committed to providing prompt and professional impound towing services while ensuring a damage free towing experience for all vehicles. Contact our offices now to learn more about our impound-towing services.

Working With Your Parkers

Certified Service Center understands it is often difficult to walk the line between maintaining an orderly parking area and avoiding all conflict. The truth is, conflict often arises but our team is prepared to resolve conflict in a controlled and calm manor. We serve as your partner and work with all parties to resolve the parking issues and ensure adequate and convenient parking for tenants, residents and customers. We're committed to satisfaction on every call.

Your Private Property Towing Partner

As your impound towing partner Certified Service Center will help you navigate some of the more challenging aspects of impound towing to ensure you and your residents and tenants have a safe and lawful experience. Many towing providers are willing to cut corners to maximize our profits but your Certified Service Center team will make sure all towing events adhere to the letter of the law. Contact our office at 850-973-4999.